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End to End
6D Digital Fabrication Platform


Materialising ideas and concepts in a simple and powerfull way, utilizing:

  • Procedural architecture
  • Computational freeforms
  • Unlimited Complexity
  • Embedding authentic design elements and furniture


Our 6D Platform allows tight cooperation of the engineering teams enabling:

  • Structural Analysis & embedding
  • MEP Analysis & embedding
  • Energy Elements embedding
  • Construction Code Compliance


Generating the building by utilizing advanced material, hardware and software technologies:

  • Parametric Material Synthesis
  • Parametric Material Forming
  • Parametric Morphogenesis
  • Authentic Objects Generation


Features Enabled by Innovative Technologies

Material Synthesis

Realtime Parametric Material Synthesis

Unique 6D Platform

Construction Project Lifecycle Management

Authentic Designs and Features

Generating and Embedding authentic design objects and features in the structure

Procedural architecture

Unleashing the potential of algorithms in your design

Digital Fabrication

Advanced onsite and offsite structure and elements digital fabrication


Standards and regulations compliance


Our Fascinating Journey.

  • 2010-2011

    The Beginning

    The Chorogenesis project started by a need to develop a complex construction project and resolve the related issues.

    The necessity for an end to end approach was clear from the first moment so the required materials, tooling, hardware and software were developed.

  • December 2012

    Material synhesis.

    By identifying the necessity for multiple materials with diverse properties as well as the compliance requirements, we moved onto the parametric material synthesis model by utilizing Stereogen technology.

  • February 2014

    Kick off.

    After a period of research and hibernation we kickoff the project towards disrupting the construction industry.

  • August 2014

    Getting out of Stealth

    The project got out of stealth and is now accelerating towards expansion.

    We are actively forming strategic partnerships and developing the technology and business processes that will enable the construction community to move to the new era of construction.

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